Leader to Follower: “You’re not really important to me.”

Go ahead and admit it – you’re just like me…you check your phone during meetings. But have you ever thought about what you are communicating to your team when you do?

This short post from Psychology Today explains what you’re really saying when you distract yourself in meetings and is a good reminder to set the example for focus, discipline, and common courtesy.

Here’s a Tip: I had a battalion commander who decreed, “If your spouse calls during one of our meetings, you have to answer the call.” He set the example when his own wife called and enforced the rule around the room. It sent a clear signal that family is always important.

Questions for Leaders:

  • Have you published your expectations for behavior during meetings?
  • Are your meetings engaging enough to keep people from becoming distracted?
  • In what other ways might you be distracted when engaging with your team throughout the day?

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