5 Tools to Help You Manage Email Newsletter Overload

There are a lot of great email newsletters—you can find an excellent selection here—and they’re the perfect way to keep on top of the news and features you want to read without having to continually trawl the wilds of the web.

If anything, email newsletters are too convenient and appealing, which means they can quickly start piling up in your inbox. If you’re not managing them properly, you end up missing out on all the worthwhile content that’s been packed into them.

That’s where these tools come in: newsletter management apps that will make sure you’re not overloaded and have the time to catch up with all of the updates and articles you’ve subscribed to.

Set up a Custom Email Address

Many email services let you set up specific, custom aliases.

Microsoft Outlook via David Nield

One way to manage newsletter overload is to set up a custom email address specifically for newsletters in your account. You can then set filters or rules based on this email address. You could assign newsletters a special label, move them to a particular folder, or make sure they’re marked as important.

A lot of the popular email services out there let you create different email aliases inside the same inbox, though sometimes it’s a paid-for extra. You can do it in Outlook, iCloud Mail, Yahoo, and Proton Mail, for example. In Gmail, just add a period somewhere in your existing email address, and you’ve got an alias.

In the case of an Outlook account on the web, for example, head to the account aliases page in your browser (you may need to sign in to your Microsoft account first). Pick Add Email, and you’ll be prompted to submit a new email address, which can then be managed through your primary account.


Mailscribe collates your newsletters in a simple and clean interface.

Courtesy of Mailscribe

Most newsletter management apps work by pulling your newsletter subscriptions out of your inbox and into a format that’s easier to keep on top of, like Mailscribe. Mailscribe runs its own email marketing platform, but it also offers a free newsletter reader that anyone can make use of.

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