18 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases and Accessories (2023): Chargers, Cables, and Screen Protectors

There are an insane amount of cases on the market. These are the others we like, just not as much as the ones above.

Casetify Impact Case for $72: Casetify cases are fun because the designs are innumerable. (Look at this one with a cat!) I’m not a huge fan of the Casetify branding that’s on the camera module, but maybe I’m just not trendy enough. I found the S Pen a little tough to access (I have a bad habit of biting my nails, so this might not be an issue for you). Otherwise, these are some great cases; it’s just hard to justify the absurdly high price.

Vena Outcross Case for $14: This is a fine case with clicky buttons. It’s not very exciting, but it’s cheap, and the edges around the screen and camera module are raised. Unfortunately, the bumper around the case is a little slippery.

Zagg Havana Case for $30: Outside of the Denali Kickstand and the London above, this is my favorite Zagg case of the many the company sent my way. The buttons are clicky, it feels nice to hold, and there’s solid protection around the edges.

Shldair Active Case for $65: This unique-looking case has bumpers on the corners that stick out quite a bit—the idea is that the corners tend to hit the ground first, so this would offer superior protection. This isn’t really a guarantee though, as I’ve had phones that fall flat on their screens like a belly flop. Still, it feels quite robust and protective, with decently raised edges and an easy-to-access S Pen (the case is available only for the S23 Ultra). There’s a really nice wrist strap in the box to keep it swinging from your wrist, and despite the bulky design, wireless charging still works.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring Case for $23: This is one of the cheapest MagSafe cases, but it’s available only for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The magnetic connection is pretty strong—it hooked up to my MagSafe wireless charger with zero issues—but I’m not a huge fan of how the polycarbonate material feels.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for $16: This is a solid silicone case with some fun designs to choose from (or you can stick with a completely clear version). I don’t like that the buttons sound and feel squishy when you press them.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for $17: It’s not pretty at all, maybe inoffensive at best. It doesn’t feel tremendously rugged, but it’s an otherwise fine case with responsive buttons.

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell Case for $48: Here’s another nice clear case with a few fun designs to choose from. I especially like the white lines that run along the edges of the case. The only flaw is the S Pen on the S23 Ultra version isn’t the easiest to access.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 for $30: If you want to carry a few credit cards (or ID) with your phone instead of bringing along a wallet or purse, this case from Smartish does the job. It holds about three cards, and you can use the gap on the left to push them out. They stay in there pretty well—it took some really vigorous shaking for nearly a minute for the cards to come close to coming out. The only problems are that the buttons are a bit hard to press, it’s bulky, and it completely blocks wireless charging capabilities.

UAG Pathfinder Case for $45: Super into camo? Then this is the case for you! It ticks off all the boxes with grippy sides, an easy-to-access S Pen, and buttons that are effortless to press. I just don’t think it’s as rugged as the brand suggests.

UAG Plyo Clear Case for $50: I’m not a fan of the extra design UAG added to this clear case, but it otherwise feels nice, has solid buttons, and there’s a Plyo Pro version ($50) for the S23 Ultra that adds MagSafe support.

UAG Monarch Pro MagSafe Case for $80: It’s a bit much to spend on a case, even if it does have MagSafe support to use with third-party MagSafe accessories. The industrial design isn’t too gaudy, and it functions fine with good edge protection around the screen. The S Pen is easy to access on the S23 Ultra model.

UAG Plasma Case for $45: I don’t know why you would want a case that looks like this, but if you’re not offended by the design, then the only flaw I found is that the buttons require a little effort to press.

UAG Civilian Case for $50: This is an attractive and simple case with a pleasant color scheme. I like the added grip around the bumper, though the buttons are a little stiff. I found it hard to push the S Pen back inside its housing, though this might only be an issue for nail-biters. It’s also available for the S23+ and S23 Ultra.

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