11 Best Weighted Blankets (2023): Cooling, Throws, and Robes

As weighted blankets gain popularity, more and more companies pop up with options. Most of the ones we’ve tried are worth recommending, including all the ones here.

Tranquility Cooling Weighted Blanket for $40-$50: A lot of budget weighted blankets are disappointing. This one, though, genuinely surprised me. Unfortunately, it’s nearly always out of stock. If you can find it, it feels great to cuddle up under, and it’s sufficiently weighty. There’s one soft side and a slinky cool side (that actually stays pretty cool as you lie with it). Available in 15 or 20 pounds

Thera Weighted Blanket for $79-$129: We like a few products from Thera and this blanket might be the softest thing I’ve ever touched, like petting a furry animal. However, after my first few weeks with it, it ripped and let glass beads take over my bed like sand. I think kitty claws got the best of it, so keep that in mind and treat it carefully. It’s returnable within 14 days if you aren’t happy with it (minus the cost of shipping). Available in 10, 12, or 15 pounds

Aricove Weighted Blanket for $170-$200: This is a fantastic cooling blanket to sleep with solo. It’s nice and thin, so you won’t feel trapped or too hot underneath. Aricove offers 30-day returns. Available in 10, 12, 15, 17 20, or 22 pounds

Casper Weighted Blanket for $169-$189: Casper is another popular bedding brand whose blanket is that classic, cool cotton rather than knit or plush, which can get hot. About the size of a throw blanket, it’s dense enough that even the lightest model gives you that comfortably squished feeling, while the heaviest is like a Thundershirt for humans. Casper offers 30-day returns. Available in 10, 15, or 20 pounds

Layla Weighted Blanket for $189-$239: Most of our options come in several sizes, but Layla offers a king-sized version, if you’d like to cuddle with someone else. It is often discounted, and it can be returned within 120 days. Available in 15, 20, or 25 pounds

Yogibo Calm Antimicrobial Weighted Blanket for $159: The actual blanket is cool cotton, but the real draw here is Yogibo’s famous cotton and spandex blend it uses for its covers. The brand says it’s insanely soft, and it isn’t lying. It’s stretchy and smooth and is machine washable (the actual blanket is not). I found that pet hair really clung to it, though, which is common with softer fabrics. It says it has an antimicrobial treatment to keep it “fresh longer.” You can return it within 14 days. Available in 15 pounds

Gravid Weighted Blanket for $189-$199: This blanket comes with either a plush or cooling cover (or both), and that is where it shines. There’s nothing worse than a blanket cover with only a few attachment points, so that after a few minutes underneath, everything is twisted and off to one side. Gravid’s cover attaches with a zipper that goes the entire length of the blanket. Why other brands don’t do this is beyond me. Available in 15 or 20 pounds

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