Who Knew That Rothy’s Made Men’s Shoes? They’re Great!

I used to feel a little embarrassed by my home clothes—anything I wore when no one could see me. That included ratty shoes, shirts with holes, and old shorts I should have gotten rid of long ago. When I got a dog, my embarrassment swelled because I was too lazy to change when I left the house for his daily walks. People could see me shuffling around in my holey pajamas! Horrifying.

Thankfully, over the past few years, I’ve donated the clothes (the ones without holes) and upgraded my at-home wear. But my default shoes for dog walks or quick runs to the deli were still cheap slip-ons I bought on Amazon, and after a year of constant use, these deteriorated. Then I’d buy a new pair. They also always looked crappy.

Enter Rothy’s new line of men’s shoes, which the brand introduced in February. I’ve been wearing the Driving Loafers almost daily for 10 months and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a pair of casual shoes. They’re quick to slip on, comfy, easy to clean, and, best of all, attractive. I was just complimented on them a few weeks ago!

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Recycled Rothy’s

We’ve written about Rothy’s before, but it’s worth repeating that its shoes are made from plastic bottles. It took 21 bottles to make the Driving Loafers. The company also has a recycling program, so you can return your old Rothy’s at a store and get a $30 discount code for a new pair. Those old shoes are then disassembled and recycled for new uses. That’s a much better end compared to my cheap slip-ons from Amazon, which are probably sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Rothy’s shoes are expensive. I mean, I was buying $30 to $40 everyday shoes on Amazon before, and these start at $189. But I highly recommend you wait for sale events. For example, right now, you can snag the Driving Loafers for as low as $99 in select colors. Still expensive! But a lot more palatable than the MSRP.

Photograph: Julian Chokkattu

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