This Super-Organized Fanny Pack Is Perfect for Parents

That secure pocket I mentioned? It’s the perfect size to squeeze in a diaper and a small pack of wipes! My kid is currently in a size four diaper, so YMMV if your child is bigger, but it’s been a handy option when we’re running a super quick errand around the corner and just want the bare minimum of preparedness.

It also fits nicely into larger diaper bags—I had mine sitting on the top of a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag with my wallet and necessities, making them easy to find and leaving the rest of the bag for kiddo things.

Obviously, it’s missing a key component necessary for a true diaper bag replacement: a changing pad. If you wanted a slim, diaper-only hip bag with a changing pad, the slightly cheaper No Reception Club Sidekick ($85) covers those bases perfectly (but fits little else in the bag itself).

The Little Things

The Tortuga Travel Sling offers a few nice quality-of-life upgrades. It has a key king in the organizing pocket. I also found the zippered pocket to be surprisingly roomy. I threw a variety of things in there during a trip, including nasal spray (my toddler brings home every cold he can find), several hair ties, little medicine packets, even my keys when I wanted a better separation between my sunglasses and pointy objects.

The strap is thick and easy to adjust, but I particularly liked the magnet buckle. It took some getting used to–sometimes I would forget and get frustrated when I couldn’t find the clasp, only to remember it didn’t have one, but it was a nicer experience than the massive buckles that I pinch myself on with other hip bags.

I primarily wore it as a crossbody-style sling, but it’s fine across the waist, too, though a bit bulky. Across my body I found it to be easy to access, and not too large while I was on the move or trying to find something. It’s my usual choice for daycare pickup and drop-off while balancing baby, his water bottle, and his constant attempts to escape me as I unlock the car. While I could bring a diaper on those trips in the secure pocket, I never do. What’s life without a little risk, after all?

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