These Are Our Favorite Walmart Cyber Monday Deals

Remember when people would break down the doors to get inside Walmart to score the best deals? Isn’t civilization nice? Fill up your digital shopping cart instead with these Walmart Cyber Monday deals on some of the best devices we’ve tested this year—no door-breaking necessary.

We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. The discounts we show are based on actual street prices at retailers in the past few months. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide periodically.

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more.

Top Deals

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Need a new laptop? We test dozens throughout the year. Check out our Best Laptops, Best Cheap Laptops, Best Linux Laptops, and Best Gaming Laptops guides for more options.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Photograph: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED (8/10, WIRED Recommends) typically sells for $349, but this bundle includes a digital download of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well as a three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership. Those extras usually cost $60 and $10, respectively, so it’s like you’re getting $70 worth of bonuses for free.

We like the 14-inch version of this laptop, which features most of the same components. You get an AMD Ryzen 7 (7730U) processor, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and 512 gigabytes of storage with a 16-inch touchscreen. That’s plenty of power for just about everything, and the large screen is nice for editing photos and browsing the web. It’s not a good choice if you’re a video editor or gamer, but it’ll do for the rest of us.

This is the newer, faster version of one of our top picks in our Best Cheap Laptops guide. You’re getting a newer Intel chip (13th gen i5), more RAM (16 gigabytes, a must-have with Windows 11), and a nicer IPS display all for the same price as the pick in our guide. Again, it’s not a gaming rig, but it’s fast enough for everyday tasks like browsing the web and editing documents.

Photograph: Amazon

This is a good deal on an excellent controller, and the price extends to several different color options. Our favorite part about the DualSense controller is the way the haptic feedback works. Rather than random rumbles, you’ll feel directional and immersive feedback—almost like surround sound, but in a controller.

Nearly any monitor can be rotated to be a vertical monitor, and we love them for a work-from-home setup. However, the LG DualUp is made to be vertical and comes with a wider aspect ratio (16:18) to accommodate its upright lifestyle. You’ll see less content cut off, and it isn’t as narrow on your eyes. It also has great color and comes with an arm mount that makes it easy to set up.

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We’ve got the kitchen covered with our Best Blenders, Best Juicers, and Best Chef’s Knives guides.

Photograph: Target

Mixers haven’t changed much since they were introduced over a century ago, which is always the mark of a great tool. This 4.5-quart bowl model is slightly less powerful than some, but it’s still strong enough to knead dough, cream butter, and whip up big batches of holiday cookies.

As a mid-level model in Dyson’s lineup, the V12 Detect Slim (8/10, WIRED Recommends) has a few bells and whistles, such as an LCD screen that allows you to select one of three power levels and see the remaining battery level and filter and blockage information, among other things. Like all of Dyson’s stick vacuums, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver around tight homes.

This is our favorite cordless vacuum. Aside from reliable suction power, even on corrugated surfaces, it also stands on its own—a feature you’d think more cordless vacuums would have, but it’s surprisingly rare. The Extreme Max converts to a hand vac in a few moments and comes with three attachments.

Dyson is a master of wedging function into beautiful form. When we tested the Pure Hot + Cool, we were struck by how well it integrates a fan, electric heater, and air purifier into one. It’s capable of filtering out 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns in size, and its built-in air quality monitor displays indoor VOC and particulate levels on a bright, easy-to-read display.

Photograph: Bissell

This is a match of the lowest price we tend to see for this little green machine. It made our list of the Best Carpet Cleaners and the Best Viral TikTok Gadgets. It’s great for cleaning furniture, stairs, and vehicles.

Low on caffeine—and counter space? The K-Express is a mere 6.5 inches wide and 12 inches deep, yet its 36-fluid-ounce, removable reservoir holds enough water to make a round of coffee for you and your friends without having to constantly refill it. Just do the planet a solid and make sure to use Keurig Reusable Pods to cut down on single-use plastic waste.

A good budget espresso machine is a rare find, but this one is our favorite. You’ll get a solid portafilter, a reliable steam pump, and a steaming wand in a pretty compact body. Unlike other cheap machines we tried, the Stilosa didn’t show signs of slowing down. I (Medea) was gifted this after I got married and it’s easy to use whether I want to brew espresso or just stream milk for my coffee, and it takes up very little room on our counter.

It might look like a coffee maker, but the Ninja Creami (6/10, WIRED Review) makes ice cream. It isn’t essential, but it’s a fun kitchen tool if you’re interested in experimenting with your own sorbets and ice cream recipes. Ninja also has a $17 Ninja Creami recipe book if you want ideas on where to start (though we wish it was included, rather than a separate purchase).

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Be sure to check out our guides to the best TVs, best projectors, and best soundbars.

Samsung QN900C

Photograph: Samsung

It’s not often that a newly released TV goes on sale. When we called the QN900C (8/10, WIRED Recommends) “among the prettiest you can buy,” we gushed over the “brilliantly clear and detailed video,” rich color shading, deep blacks, and butter-smooth motion processing. It’s able to display up to 8K resolution, so your only issue (aside from the price) may be finding enough 8K content to show on it.

“Absolutely loaded with detail.” That’s how WIRED associate reviews editor Parker Hall describes the picture quality of the C3, with vivid, high-contrast images playing out across the 4K display. Stunningly fast response times of 9.2 milliseconds and support for every current-generation console feature, by way of its four HDMI sockets, justified crowning the C3 as the Best TV for Gamers.

We call this our best TV for gamers for a reason: It has a lightning-fast response time of 9.2 milliseconds, and it has four HDMI 2.1 ports to connect your PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch. Outside of gaming, it works fantastically well as a TV, with perfect black levels, and a great center mount that helps you place it on existing TV stands.

Extra large OLED TVs typically come with extra large price tags. This LG model is one of the rare deals that lets you have both top-tier image quality and a massive display at a reasonable cost. Perfect black levels and gorgeous HDR make this one of the best TVs for larger rooms, especially if you like darker movies and shows.

Photograph: Walmart

We’ve always liked Samsung’s Frame models because they hide in plain sight. When you’re not using them, the TV transforms into one of a myriad of famous art pieces, virtually disappearing into the decor. This is an especially large one, but it’s perfect for a fancy living room where you don’t want the TV to always be the center of attention. The 55-inch model is also on sale.

At its full retail price, the XR A90J faces stiff competition from the likes of LG and Samsung, but at this shockingly discounted price, you’re arguably getting the best deal in premium-yet-affordable TVs, at least for the next few days while it’s on sale. It features Sony’s 4K upscaling to make HD shows and films appear as if they’re in 4K resolution plus built-in Google TV.

Bose’s Smart Soundbar 600 is a Mighty Mouse Dolby Atmos soundbar that offers clear and expansive sound from a strikingly small frame. Unlike a lot of soundbars at this price, Bose’s model includes real up-firing drivers for immersive overhead effects, alongside good musicality, relatively punchy bass, and great network streaming features in a sleek and compact design.

Sony is best known these days for its OLED screens, but its LED TVs like the X90L still pack a punch with a mix of excellent picture processing, good brightness, and great local dimming for rich contrast. Like a lot of TVs this time of year, this 65-inch set is at the lowest price we’ve seen it all year.

Photograph: JBL

This versatile multi-piece soundbar system from JBL (8/10 Wired Recommends) not only offers some of the best Dolby Atmos immersion you can buy but it’s also got a cool trick: fully wireless surround sound speakers. You can set them up behind you or even use them as Bluetooth speakers, then connect back to the main bar for charging and playback.

Klipsch has a talent for crafting soundbars that put the sound first, often without a lot of frills, and the Cinema 600 is an excellent example. Built from a speaker-like MDF cabinet and paired with a massive 10-inch subwoofer driver, this system has a penchant for clear and powerful sound that’s as good for music as it is for cinematic punch.

Photograph: Polk Audio

Polk’s Audio Signa 4 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) was already one of the most affordable Dolby Atmos soundbars of its kind, offering true up-firing drivers, a wireless subwoofer for beefy bass, and generally pleasing performance. It’s all the tougher to pass up at this price, perfect for those seeking a no-nonsense system that easily upgrades your sound in a simple package.

Sony’s HT-A5000 is a pricey proposition at full cost, but it’s a killer deal at this price thanks to engulfing surround sound expansion and just about all the features you can pack into a bar this size. Extras include next-gen HDMI with VRR support for PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles, multiple ways to stream over Wi-Fi, support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, hi-res audio, and more.

Photograph: Sonos

The Arc (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite soundbar for big home theaters. It comes equipped with three tweeters and eight mid-woofers to deliver deep bass, along with full Dolby Atmos support that can bounce sound off walls and ceilings in a way that mimics a surround sound setup. It was on sale for the same price during holiday sales last year, but it’s the lowest we’ve tracked.

The Beam (Gen 2) offers enhanced sound with support for Dolby Atmos (with compatible TVs and streaming apps), a fast processor, and an HDMI eARC port for high-definition audio. There’s support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2 as well. For surround sound, you can also pair it with other Sonos speakers.

Bose has updated its Smart 900 soundbar to include better bass extension, helping fortify an already great sound profile. With true up-firing drivers, the system also provides expansive Dolby Atmos and virtual surround sound for a cinematic performance from a single unit, and this is the first time we’ve seen its price drop.

Believe it or not, this is the lowest price we’ve seen on this luxury Sennheiser model that’s as much trapeze artist as soundbar thanks to its high-flying virtual surround sound and Dolby Atmos tricks. It’s a hefty unit and doesn’t include a separate subwoofer, but still manages to serve up punchy grooves, sweet and smooth musicality, and great convenience features like Wi-Fi streaming and an analog input at a price that’s finally swung below the stratosphere.

Samsung’s HW-Q800C offers a lot from a two-piece system. Its mix of upfiring Dolby Atmos speakers and side-firing drivers provides an engaging cinematic experience while its wireless subwoofer adds a hefty punch to effects and streaming music that many competitors can’t match.

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Watch and Fitness Tracker Deals

Not sure which is for you? We can help with guides to the best fitness trackers, best Apple Watch, and best Garmin watch.

Apple Watch Series 9

Photograph: Apple

The Series 9 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) isn’t enough of a leap forward to justify replacing your Apple Watch Series 8 (or even your Series 7), but if you’re buying into the Apple Watch ecosystem for the first time or replacing your even-older smartwatch, you’ll find a host of spiffy, new features, such as daylight tracking and haptic gesture control.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is a fitness and sleep-tracking ring that doesn’t require a subscription. Made from titanium, it comes in a few different colors and tracks your movements through the day and night to give you a huge data dump in the companion app. The fitness tracking is flaky and the black version scuffs easily, but the four-day battery life is good.

The Whoop 4 is our pick for the most unobtrusive wearable. There’s no screen, but it offloads data to the companion app, which tries to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle and boost your fitness levels. The subscription is pricey at $30 per month, but you get a year included with this deal.

We make no bones about it. The Versa 4 is the best Fitbit smartwatch available. In our testing it lived up to its claim of six-day battery life (provided you don’t leave the display on the entire time). The vibrant, 1.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen is easy and snappy to use, and there’s plenty of Google apps, such as Maps to round out the rich features list.

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Headphone and Earbud Deals

Have a look through our Best Wireless Earbuds, Best Wireless Headphones, and Best Workout Headphones guides for some help making the right purchase.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless EarbudsPhotograph: Beats

The Powerbeats Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends) came out in 2019, but these are still our top recommendation for earbuds with the most secure fit—making them an excellent option for the most intensive workouts. With an IPX4 water-resistance rating, they’ll also stay protected from sweat and they have excellent sound quality.

As Sony’s priciest wireless headphones, the WH-1000XM5 had a lot to live up to following the remarkably popular WH-1000XM4. Luckily they deliver the goods with upgraded noise canceling, a posh new design, and a more refined sound signature that adds up to a great package – especially on sale.

Bose’s aptly named QuietComfort Ultra (9/10, WIRED Recommends) arrived in October with only one notable problem: they’re very pricey. Luckily they’ve already gotten a discount, which makes it easier to land their class-leading noise canceling, great sound, and luxuriously comfy design that’s loaded with modern features.

Photograph: Sony

Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones (9/10, WIRED Recommends) have been a stalwart pair of wireless headphones for years now, and there’s no secret to their success. Offering excellent noise canceling, warm and detailed sound, and a ton of modern features in a comfy design, they’re among the best travel headphones you can buy.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are some of our favorite wireless earbuds, particularly for Android users. They work best with Samsung phones, but they pair easily with any Android phone. They have solid noise canceling, up to 7.5 hours of battery life, and a wireless charging case to keep them topped off.

Bose’s QuietComfort Ultra improve on the brand’s top earbuds with a minor boost in noise canceling and new spatial audio skills, designed to expand the sound for everything you play. These buds were just released late this year and this is the first solid discount we’ve seen.

Photograph: JBL

JBL’s Endurance Peak 3 are that rare pair of earbuds you can feel comfortable wearing at the gym, on the trail, or even in the hot tub thanks to their hearty water resistance and sport-ready fit. They’re light on extras like noise canceling but at this price, they’re a great investment as your go-to workout companions.

Sony’s WF-1000XM5 (7/10, WIRED Review) source multiple generations of great sound, top features, and excellent noise canceling, all wrapped into their most compact presentation yet. They’re not cheap, so this discount is key if you’re looking to be an earlier adopter of Sony’s latest flagship buds.

The only issues we had with Sennheiser’s HD 660S2 (7/10, WIRED Review) bass-enriched audiophile beauties were their high price and stiff clamping force. At this price, we can live with a tighter fit, especially since the payoff is gloriously clear and richly detailed sound.

Sony’s working-class noise cancelers offer solid performance. clear sound, and impressive battery life at a much more reasonable price than the brand’s top offerings. With this sale, they offer some of the best value in their class from one of the top names in the business.

Photograph: Technics

The Technics EAH-AZ80 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are some of our favorite top-shelf earbuds thanks to their fantastic sound alongside great features and noise canceling, and their ability to connect to up to three devices at once. This is one of the few sales we’ve seen all year, which makes their very high asking price a lot more palatable.

Soundcore’s Life Q30 are already impressive at full price thanks to noise canceling that punches well above its class, so this deal makes them something of a steal. They add to the package with accessible and adjustable sound quality, good features, and great battery life.

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Want to smarten up your home? See our guides to setting up your smart home, the best smart lighting, and the best mesh routers to get started.

Photograph: Aura Frames

Aura makes the best digital picture frames. Photos look great, without being too bright and obvious—you want a digital frame to look like decor, not a smart display. Aura has a few options, and they’re discounted regularly. If you like the mat look, get this one. Aura’s newest frame, the 15-inch Walden is $249 ($50 off).

These clever panels top our smart lighting panels guide and are a fun way to add ambient lighting to any room. Each hexagon is an individual light, and you can connect them in whatever pattern you want. The app lets you control the color scheme, set it to react to music, or set schedules. Just make sure you prep and use a level to put them on the wall straight!

These modular smart lighting bars can be installed on your wall and arranged into whatever design you want (just make sure you prep and plan properly). The Nanoleaf Lines (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are great for subtle ambient light, but they can also sync to music or even mirror your screen to add immersion to gaming. This is the cheapest we have seen the starter kit.

EufyCam 3

Photograph: Simon Hill

Capable of recording crisp footage at up to 4K with 16 GB of local storage on a connected home base (expandable to 16 TB), the EufyCam 3 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a smart security camera system. Integrated solar panels top up the battery and onboard AI can detect people, pets, vehicles, and even learn to recognize faces. It’s a pricey system, and we stopped recommending Eufy cameras after a couple of security incidents but started testing again recently after the company took steps to improve.

With an impressive feature list, this versatile camera will appear in our Best Outdoor Security Cameras in the next update. It offers up to 3K resolution, a second telephoto lens to zoom in, 360-degree pan, and 70-degree tilt, and comes with a solar panel and 8 GB of onboard storage. The limited frame rate and flaky AI detract slightly, but it’s a decent option for the backyard. We stopped recommending Eufy cameras after a couple of security incidents but started testing again recently after the company took steps to improve.

The smartest indoor security camera you can get, Google’s Nest Cam (Wired) blends in easily and accurately detects people, animals, and vehicles. It boasts HDR and a high frame rate to make the most of the 1080p footage. Sadly, you only get three hours of history unless you subscribe to Nest Aware starting from a pricey $6 per month, though it does also include familiar face recognition.

A solid Wi-Fi 6 mesh system from TP-Link, the Deco X20 appears in our Best Mesh Routers guide as the budget pick. It is a dual-band (2.4-GHz and 5-GHz) system with parental controls and basic security, and performs dependably well. It is frequently discounted, and usually hovers between $160 and $180, but we have only seen it this low before for Lightning deals.

If you want an elegant mesh system to bring Wi-Fi to every nook and cranny of your home, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of our favorite mesh systems. Easy to set and forget, it employs the 6-GHz band for backhaul. Each unit covers 2,200 square feet and can connect up to 100 devices. Sadly, they are not backward compatible with older Nest routers.

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Want better sound? Have a read through our guides to the best speakers, best bluetooth speaker, and the best gear for audiophiles.

Sonos sub speaker gen 3Photograph: Sonos

We recommend the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) if your giftee wants to upgrade their bass. The third-gen model packs better processing power and more memory. It’s also meant to be paired with Sonos’ non-portable options—like soundbars, speakers, and amplifiers (it won’t pair with the Move, Roam, Port, or Connect). It’s expensive, but top-notch. This is also the lowest price we’ve tracked, so far.

The Amp is a great option for those looking for an amplifier to power their turntable, TV, outdoor speakers, and more at higher volumes. The front control panel is touch-sensitive, so you can either tap or swipe for things like pausing music and adjusting the volume. The Amp also connects via the Sonos app and comes with support for AirPlay 2. It doesn’t come with built-in mics, but you’ll have voice control if you pair it with another Sonos voice-enabled speaker like the Sonos One or Sonos Move.

While the Amp powers speakers, the Port streams to an amp that then sends a signal to the speakers. Unlike the Amp, it doesn’t come with a control panel, but you can use the Sonos app to adjust treble, bass, and volume. It also has support for AirPlay 2. As with the Amp, you can also pair it with other Sonos speakers for voice control.

Photograph: Bose

Bose’s Soundlink Revolve+ offers excellent sound in a neat and water-resistant design with up to 17 hours of battery on hand. Normally sitting well above $300, this is the best time to grab this powerful portable.

JBL’s Flip speakers offer excellent bang for your buck, including great sound that’s more detailed, powerful, and poised than you’d expect in a portable (and waterproof) design. The newest model also offers a separate tweeter for better detail. While this is a modest sale, given that you’ll almost always pay around $100 or more, this is a great time to grab it.

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