The Viral Baggu Crescent Bag Is Worth the TikTok Hype

If you were as obsessed with Disney’s Halloweentown as I was as a kid, then you likely have a vivid memory of the bottomless pit that was Aggie Cromwell’s magical purse. I have one scene burned into my memory, which involves her pulling spooky Halloween decorations from it—a toy skeleton at least 3 feet tall, a garlic clove necklace, a giant jar of eyeballs, carved pumpkins, and a bunch of costumes. “This bag defies logic!” Aggie’s grandson yelled in amazement, “How does all this stuff fit in here?!”

I ask myself the same thing about Baggu’s Crescent Bag every day. It went viral on TikTok for how unexpectedly roomy the somewhat small bag is on the inside. Using the “What’s In My Bag?” format (a trend where content creators show off what they carry daily), people have been showcasing the obscene amount of stuff they can pack into their Baggu. The results were hard to believe.

These TikToks were appearing on my For You page just as I got tired of carrying all my stuff. None of my purses seemed to work, so I resorted to shoving everything in my jacket pockets or carrying things in my hands. I wanted a bag that checked off all the boxes: big, but not too big, stylish but minimalist, comfortable to wear for long periods, and affordable. The minute I slung the Baggu over my shoulder, I knew it was a match made in handbag heaven.

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Customization Station

Based on style alone, the Baggu wouldn’t have initially caught my eye. It’s not glossy or sparkly, and there aren’t fancy buckles or clasps. Made of recycled heavyweight nylon on the outside with a recycled ripstop lining, it has a more rugged look and feel to it.

The solid color options look fairly plain too. While I’d typically go right for the Cross Stitch print, I decided to go for the black color for two reasons: I wanted a bag that I could easily match with my outfits, and I was heavily influenced by how people were decorating their solid-colored Baggus. While some TikTok videos proved how much stuff can be crammed into this bag, others showed off how fun it is to accessorize with keychains, patches, pins, ribbons, and more.

I haven’t gotten around to adding any cute pins or patches to mine. (I prefer to collect them organically—while on a trip, for example—so there’s more meaning behind each one.) I did, however, clip this Amuseable Coffee-to-Go Bag Charm from JellyCat onto it. I purchased it after going down a rabbit hole of Baggu TikToks and stumbling upon a viral video of someone who added the same keychain to theirs.

It’s a minor addition, but it does make a huge difference. It showcases my personality a bit and brightens my mood every time I look at the adorable little coffee cup. But having a blank canvas to decorate feels exciting. It allows me to transform my Baggu into a one-of-a-kind piece, which is important when it feels like everyone has one of everything these days.

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