The Best Motorola Phones (2023): Pro and Cons, Top Features

Still, the 5,000-mAh battery lasts two days, and there’s a 68-watt charger in the box, along with wireless charging support. It retains an IP68 rating for water resistance, has NFC for tap-to-pay support, and comes with 256 GB of storage.

There’s a 50-MP primary sensor, a 13-MP ultrawide, and a 32-MP selfie camera. I preferred many of the photos from the Lenovo ThinkPhone to some of the shots I took on the Motorola Edge+, but these cameras still don’t measure up to their peers. Still, it has dipped as low as $450, so it’s a heck of a phone at that price.

Motorola promises three Android OS upgrades and four years of bimonthly security updates.

Motorola’s first folding smartphone from 2020 had a lot of flaws, but its successor levels up the game in a few ways. The Razr+ (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is a folding flip phone—it’s the smartphone successor to Paris Hilton’s iconic pink flip phone. Yes, you can flip open the phone to answer a call and flip it shut to end it.

When it’s closed, the larger 3.6-inch OLED exterior screen can show you notifications, apps, and handy widgets to check the weather, calendar events, and news. It even lets you play simple games. You can also use the superior primary cameras—which would typically be on the “back” of the phone but are now at the front—to snap selfies and use this external screen as a viewfinder. They’re some of the sharpest selfies you’ll snap.

With the phone open, you have a 6.9-inch screen you can use as you would a standard phone. This device has specs similar to the Lenovo ThinkPhone, with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and 8 GB of RAM at the core, though the screen gets bumped back up to a 165-Hz refresh rate. There’s 256 GB of storage, NFC for making payments with your phone, dual stereo speakers, and wireless charging. It ran perfectly in my tests; my main gripe is that the display doesn’t get as bright as I’d like, which can make it tough to read on sunny days outside.

Where it falls short is on water resistance, battery life, and the cameras. Folding phones are more fragile than their non-folding counterparts, and the Razr+ only has an IP54 rating for water resistance, which isn’t as good as you’ll find on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5. The modest size of the device also means it has a smaller 3,800-mAh battery cell and will barely get through a full day of average use. (There’s no charger in the box.) As expected, the 12-MP primary camera and 13-MP ultrawide can take some completely fine photos, but they won’t impress.

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