Logitech Pop Keys Review: Cute and Colorful

There’s also a matching mouse for each of the Pop Keys’ colorways. While it’s not as ergonomic as I’d like it to be, I found it comfortable to use over the past couple weeks, and it’s fun to have the two items match so perfectly (the Pop Mouse in Daydream has a purple and green body like the keyboard, and a yellow center wheel to match the yellow keycaps).

Unlike other mechanical keyboards, there are no RGB lights of any kind. You’ll get color from only the keys and body of the keyboard, rather than rainbow lights below the keys. I didn’t find that I missed it or needed RGB lights, but if it’s a key feature for you, it’s the only reason I’d recommend against this keyboard.

Express Yourself

Logitech Pop Keys.

Photograph: Logitech

The whole point of the Pop Keys is that you don’t need to customize it to get the fun colors. However, there is still room for a little customization. Specifically, emoji customization.

Once you add it to your computer, the Pop Keys will prompt you to install Logi Options+, Logitech’s customization app. It’ll work fine without it, but this is how you customize the keyboard’s emoji keys. Yes, this keyboard has four keys on the far right that you can pair with any emoji! Well, any emoji from Logitech’s list, which is fairly standard, and you can’t customize it. But still, fun!

There’s a fifth button below that brings up a master list of emojis for you to choose from, so you can have four favorites and then easily access any emoji you want with a tap of a button. The Pop Mouse has a button below the center wheel that does the same thing. The Pop Keys also comes with eight emoji keycaps that you can switch out on the keyboard itself to match your emoji of choice. Mine are the heart, heart eyes, sob, and laughing emojis. There’s also a ninth keycap with three faces on it, meant to symbolize the larger emoji menu that you can open to choose an emoji outside of your top four.

It’s certainly fun, but if you’re a heavy Discord or Slack user like myself, the buttons can’t help you react to messages or access any custom emoji, so you might not find yourself using it as often as you hoped. Still, it’s a fun little feature on an already great mechanical keyboard. If you’re looking for an easy way to get a colorful mechanical keyboard, this is a fantastic starting point.

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