27 Best Prime Day Laptop Deals (2023) and Other WFH Gear

Past your Prime? Your laptop, that is. Well, it’s a good day to upgrade! Today is Amazon’s second Prime Day of the year, called Prime Big Deal Days. Here, we’ve rounded up all the top Prime Day laptop deals we could find, from discounted MacBooks and Windows laptops to PC accessories and peripherals.

Prime Day Quick Picks

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We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide periodically throughout the sale event.

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Laptop and Monitor Prime Day Deals

If you find your current machine chugging with lots of browser tabs open or just want a new gaming machine, then check out our Best Gaming Laptops, Best Laptops, Best Cheap Laptops, and Best MacBooks guides.

MacBook Air

Photograph: Apple

The 2023 MacBook Air (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of our favorite laptops this year. It has an excellent six-speaker sound system, a 1080p front-facing webcam, and a 10-core variant of the M2 processor the previous year’s model came with. It’s blazingly fast for most normal work and can even handle some light video editing and other heavier tasks. If you need more RAM, the 16-GB model is on sale for $1,300 ($200 off).

Our review of the 2022 MacBook Pro M2 (7/10, WIRED Review) notes that we expected more improvements to Apple’s mid-tier laptop. Still, this model has a fan alongside the M2 chipset, meaning it can eke out a little more power. It’s also the only MacBook with Apple’s Touch Bar now, if that’s something you care about.  

The 2020 MacBook Air (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is more than capable for most work tasks. Its M1 chip can handle dozens of browser tabs without issue, and even light image editing doesn’t phase it. The battery life still impresses at a full workday of life, and it’s nearly silent while running. A beautiful display and 256 GB of storage round out an impressive feature list.

2022 LG Gram 16Photograph: Amazon

This was a favorite deal that went dead on Prime Day in July but is now back (well, it’s $3 more now). Weighing in at a tick less than 3 pounds, this is a very light 16-inch laptop. We tested the similar LG Gram SuperSlim (7/10, WIRED Recommends) with the 2.2-GHz Intel Core i7-1360P processor, a step up from the 1260P processor on this model, and found its performance middling. So don’t expect a heavy-lifting speed demon from the Gram 16, but do give it a look if you prize portability for lighter tasks, such as browsing and word processing.

We were fans of the Swift 14 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) when it was released earlier this year, and we’re even bigger fans of the Swift X version. It’s the same MacBook competitor, but with a dedicated graphics card that can handle heavier tasks, like gaming and video editing. Acer mucks up the gorgeous, all-metal chassis with too much obnoxious branding, plus the battery life isn’t too good, but at this price, it strikes an impressive balance of beauty and brawn.

Photograph: Microsoft 

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top Surface pick for most people. It has an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256-GB SSD. It doesn’t have any of the flashy hinges or tablet hybrid features of its siblings, but it’s a solid all-around laptop, and even comes with a magnetic charger, so you don’t fling it across the room if you trip on the power cord.

For power users looking for a Microsoft laptop, our pick is the Surface Laptop Studio (7/10, WIRED Recommends). It has a 2-in-1 hinge that lets it function as either a laptop or a tablet. It’s got a 14-inch touchscreen, an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, and 16 GB of RAM. Yes, there’s a new Laptop Studio, but we ran into some thermal issues, among other things. If you spring for the Surface Slim Pen, there’s a spot to magnetically attach it to the front of the laptop.

Powerful, wafer-thin, and sleek, the Blade 17 is one of the most capable gaming laptops on the market. This Windows machine is the 17-inch-screen bigger brother of the Blade 15 for $1,960 ($240 off). Its 4K-resolution touchscreen display packs 100 frames per second and a 144-Hz refresh rate (and looks gorgeous doing it), while the 12th-gen Intel 14-Core i9 CPU wields enough power to play virtually any AAA video game.

Monoprice 4k

Photograph: Monoprice

Monoprice’s 28-inch CystralPro is a great 4K monitor. It supports HDR and its colors are suitably vibrant. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu used it in both a Mac and Windows setup and says it worked great in both. He VESA-mounted it, but do note that the mounting holes are recessed—you can use longer M3 screws to make it work. If you want the highest possible resolution on a monitor without spending a boatload of cash, then this is the best we’ve tested.

This matches the good deal we saw on Prime Day for our favorite portable display. It sticks to the back of a laptop screen via magnets, which means you do need to be comfortable with sticking and leaving adhesive magnets on the back of your machine, but you get a second screen that doesn’t take up any desk space. Slide it out!

Computer Accessory Prime Day Deals

For more context, take a look through our guides to the Best Mechanical Keyboards, Best MacBook Accessories, Best Portable Storage Drives, and Best Computer Mice.

Photograph: Amazon

This deal on a great keyboard was better yesterday, but it’s still a bargain at this price. Logitech makes some of our favorite keyboards, and the MX board is a great portable option. Its understated design fits in perfectly in an office, and it’s low-profile enough to be comfortable typing on all day.

You may have to click “See All Buying Options” to see this deal. As both a mechanical keyboard enthusiast and a longtime Windows hold out who converted to a Mac, it always burned me up that nearly every keyboard was geared toward Windows users. Well, if you’re a Mac user with a taste for Cherry MX Red switches and could use a two-port USB-C hub, you’re in luck. The veteran keyboard brand offers this all-metal keyboard in a Mac-specific layout. 

There was a slightly better deal on Prime Day, but not by a lot. We love Cherry switches on our mechanical keyboards, but the company also makes keyboards themselves. This low-profile, detachable, and rechargeable keyboard gives you that Cherry typing experience while letting you move around your house.

Razer Kiyo X

Photograph: Razer

This is our favorite webcam for most people, and the sale is a match for what we saw on Prime Day in July. Its automatic white balance and color saturation are excellent right out of the box, and the image quality is sharp. It focuses quickly too. You can affix it on top of your laptop or monitor with the included mount. Too bad it doesn’t come with a privacy cover.

We named this compact, two-port charger as our second-favorite charging adapter in our Best MacBook Accessories guide. Outlets are precious commodities in our electronics-choked homes and never mind about fighting for two outlets in an airport or café. Whether you’re packing a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, with this power adapter you can charge any two of them at the same time.

Working from home offers a lot of freedom, among them the freedom to never make up your mind where you want to settle down and work. Flexispot’s adjustable table with wheels can make breezing between the living room and the kitchen easier than picking up all your accessories and carrying them from place to place. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu has been wheeling this rollable desk around different spots in his apartment and appreciates its adjustable height, as well as the fact that because the leg isn’t centered, you can use it while sitting in bed or on the couch.

Photograph: Amazon

We love this laptop stand for those who prefer working from your bed or couch. The stand’s height isn’t adjustable, but you have the option to raise the base to position it at the best angle for typing, watching a movie on a tablet, or sketching. There’s also extra space for your coffee mug and a small drawer for storing knickknacks.

Plugable’s USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is a great choice, especially for anyone using more than one monitor. It supports up to three displays at once (either HDMI or DisplayPort for each). The dock also packs six USB 3.0 ports (two on the front, four in the back) and a gigabit Ethernet port. Whenever you come back to your workstation with your MacBook, all you have to do is plug it in and you instantly have a multi-monitor setup. With an output of up to 60 watts, you can use the dock to charge your laptop too.

Samsung’s T7 external solid state drives are among the WIRED Gear Team’s favorites. Lightning fast and reliable, solid state drives take less babying than hard drives. The T7 Shield comes with a rubberized exterior to protect it from drops and impacts, and it’s also IP65 water- and dust-resistant. It comes with a USB-C cable, fits in the palm of your hand, and doesn’t require an external power source. Product reviewer Matt Jancer has been using several T7s and T7 Shields for three years and has never had even a hiccup.

Photograph: Satechi

We recommend Satechi’s 108-watt wall charger if you own a MacBook Pro. It comes with three USB-C ports, each with the ability to charge at 100 watts if only one device is connected (making it perfect for the 16-inch MacBook Pro). But if you want to charge three gadgets simultaneously, it’ll charge them at 45, 30, and 30 watts, respectively, 58, 30, and 20 watts, or 65, 20, and 20 watts, depending on what you’re charging. It’s also on the larger side, but it’s not as big as the one from Apple, and the plug folds up too.

This Baseus power bank is on the heavy side (it weighs around 1 pound), but it has been a reliable charger in my testing. I like it for laptops, but it’ll juice up smaller devices as well. The 20,000-mAh battery is enough to keep your laptop going all day. There is one USB-C PD port rated at 65 watts, and two USB-A QC ports at 30 watts apiece. The LED shows the remaining battery life as a percentage and displays the current and voltage.

Photograph: Ugreen

If you need more power than the brick above, we recommend this UGreen model, which not only packs a little more juice but is much better at fast-charging compatible devices. It’s surprisingly compact for the power it provides, although, at 1.1 pounds, it’s definitely not ultralight. There are two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. What sets the Ugreen apart is that you can actually draw 145 watts while charging. That works out to one USB-C port at 100W and the other at 45W. Very few other batteries we’ve tested are capable of that feat.

We’ve used this hub with iPads, but it’s also great for MacBooks. Plug it in via the USB-C port on your laptop and you’ll have access to another USB-C port for passthrough charging, a USB-A port, an HDMI output, and a headphone jack. It’s also fairly compact and thin, so it won’t add to much bulk to your laptop.

The humble cable may not be very exciting, but let’s face it, you gotta have them. Anker makes some of our favorite cables, and while this one is not in our guide, it’s been serving me well for years, which is more than I can say for any other cable I’ve owned.

SanDisk Extreme ProPhotograph: SanDisk

Claiming the top spot in our Best USB Flash Drives guide, the SanDisk Extreme Pro balances speed, reliability, and price. The sleek aluminum case has a loop for attaching it to a keyring and a slider to push out the USB-A plug. It is fast, performs reliably (we’ve been using one regularly for two years), and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This PNY drive appears in our Best USB Flash Drives guide as it combines a compact form, with a sliding USB-A connector, fast read and write speeds, and a loop for a lanyard or keyring. It’s a quick and easy way to move or backup files, and we have never seen it this low before.

This handy charger has enough power to juice up two MacBook Pro models simultaneously. But it’s also great if you have a lot of devices around your desk that constantly need to be charged. It has a little stand to prop it up, a short cord that goes out to an outlet, and four USB-C ports that output 100 watts each. It dipped lower to $90 back in July, but this is still a great deal.

WIRED’s Prime Big Deal Days Coverage

We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide periodically throughout the sale event.

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